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Sometimes you have a chance to connect with people on social media, and it makes your heart happy. That’s how I feel about Tiffany, known as @beckettsaunt on Instagram and Twitter. We met in person by chance a few years back at the CLE Marathon Expo after becoming friends on social media. I have to laugh because it was one of those, “Oh, hey, you’re stephplusfour, and you’re beckettsaunt” things while checking out vendors. I admire the fact she continues to train hard despite setbacks, and I can always count on her posts to be positive, which is a rarity on social media these days.

I was moved by one of her Instagram posts in February where she declared her commitment to run the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon half in May 2019. Although she said it wouldn’t be her first half, it would be her comeback half. This completely resonated with me because last year was my comeback half after breaking my back and battling C. diff for almost five months. As a CLE Marathon Ambassador, one of the perks is a free race entry for ourselves and one to have for a giveaway. Instead of holding a giveaway through my blog or social media accounts, I asked if I could give the other free entry to Tiffany, as I felt she was more than deserving. Everything worked out, and she will be lining up at that start line on May 19!

I asked if she wouldn’t mind doing a little Q&A for me to post on the blog. Thankfully, she obliged, so here it is!


  1. Give some basic info about yourself: I am 46-years-old and live in Youngstown. Huge Cleveland baseball fan (likewise, Tiffany!!!!). Avid reader of everything. Vegetarian for 29 years and a kitty mama.
  2. When did you get into running and what led you to start? I wish I knew the exact date I started running. I started some time in my mid-30’s. I started because gas prices were increasing and it was becoming expensive to go to the bike path to inline skate. I could run right outside my door.
  3. When did you take part in your first race and where was it? My first race was the Human Race 5K in Jacksonville, Florida in May of 2011.
  4. What’s your favorite race distance? My fave distance is the half marathon. I love the challenge, the on-course support, and of course the finishers medal!
  5. What does a typical week of training look like for you? A typical week for me is 3 days of running (2 short and 1 long) and 1-2 days of cross training.
  6. What are your go-to pieces of running gear? My basic go-to gear includes my Mizuno Wave Inspires (shoe twins unite!), my Garmin forerunner 25 and music. If I’m feeling extra, I’ll include a DonaJo running skirt and my Orange Mud hydraquiver vest.
  7. What’s your best running/race memory? Wow my best running/race memory…it’s kind of a tie between finishing my first half and the 2016 Cleveland Marathon #alltheweather (ditto what she said about 2016…most Cleveland race ever!)
  8. How many times have you completed a Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon event? This will be year number 5 for me! This race is so much fun! I plan to run it as long as I can.
  9. Do you have a running motto or mantra, and if so, what is it? My running mantra would have “one more…” it stands for one more step, one more interval, one more mile. I say it to myself often during training run and races.
  10. If you could give advice, motivation, or inspiration to someone who is new to running, what would it be? My advice would be to get fitted for running shoes and it’s ok if you have to walk as long as you keep moving forward!! Oh, and have fun!

Thanks for playing along, Tiffany, and best of luck in CLE! You’ve got my support, and I am always appreciate of yours!

Best wishes!

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